SIGHT-PIPE® are essentially one piece borescopes fabricated from optical grade materials. They provide a practical solution for viewing and/or gaging internal “difficult to inspect” characteristics. Instert the SIGHT-PIPE® into a machined bore, and look into the top of the head. You will see a well lit image of the interior sidewall of the bore, which you can inspect for burrs, porosity, cracks or other visual characteristic or defect. 

Machine Vision Systems

Custom designed SIGHT-PIPES® ready to be connected to a machine vision camera.

Gap Detection Gages

Used to visually confirm intake and exhaust valve seat inserts have been fully pressed into the bottom of the pocket on the cylinder head.

Height Stand Gages

Thanks to our new Optical Height Gage System, previously difficult to measure internal and external depth dimensions can now be easily and accurately measured optically.

Crosshatch Measurement Gage

Used by engine manufacturers to inspect cylinder wall surfaces and hone pattern angles in cylinder liners and cylinder bores.

The Boreview™ System

Our Boreview™ Gaging Systems incorporates a magnifying lens system, fiber optic illumination and custom SIGHT-PIPE® to visually inspect and/or gage internal characteristics with greater detail.

Valve Seat Landwidth Inspection Gages

Designed and built for each valve seat configuration.

Porosity Checks

Porosity Checks provide ways to visually locate, inspect and gage porosity in machined bores. The 360 View™ Series SIGHT-PIPE® will provide you with a complete 360 degree view of the bore at right angles.

Manufacturing Optical Viewing Equipment Since 1969

SIGHT-PIPE® Optical Viewers

A practical, economical solution to viewing “difficult to inspect” internal characteristics.

Special Sizes

In addition to the standard size SIGHT-PIPE® products available, specific diameters and lengths can be manufactured.

Custom Viewing and/or Gaging

A variety of custom SIGHT-PIPE® products have been designed and manufactured to view and/or gage internal characteristics.
Since 1969, we are proud to have provided inspection solutions worldwide to manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Honda, Caterpillar, TRW and Swagelok as well as many automotive component manufacturers and manufacturers using orbital tube welding.  We look forward to working with our customers in the future.

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