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  • This Gage is used for the measurement of the cross hatch angle in cylinder bores and cylinder liners.
  •  Users can measure off the horizon and/or the included angle of the cross hatch pattern created when bores are honed.
  • Gage includes housing with handles, camera, optics, adjustable ring light, and master to square optics.
  • Gage is supplied with HatchView computer software.  The software performs real time angle measurement and allows for images to be saved and retrieved.
  • Gage is custom designed to view one bore diameter at one depth.
  • Optional spacers can be used to check at more than one depth.  
  • How to measure a cylinder bore? Use the Crosshatch Angle Measurement software included with every gage.


Software included for every gage.

 Cross Hatch Measurement Gage

Inspect your engine bore with our inspection gage system