SIGHT-PIPE® for Visual Inspection

Are Ideal For Visually Inspecting The Internal Weld Bead Produced By Orbital Welding Equipment.

Orbital Series SIGHT-PIPE® 

SIGHT-PIPE® Orbital Series is ideal for visually inspecting internal welds, typically found in those industries utilizing orbital tube welding equipment. When inserted into a tube/fitting welded assembly , SIGHT-PIPES® project a magnified image of the weld to the top of the enlarged head of the SIGHT-PIPE®. The image seen would be similar to that produced by sectioning the tube and looking directly at the weld. This series of SIGHT-PIPES® are avaliable to fit tubes from 1/4″ x 0.035 wall to 1.0″ x 0.065 wall, with various lengths avaliable for each tube size. These SIGHT-PIPES® have a reduced diameter at the end to clear and reduction in I.D. caused by the weld bead.


SIGHT-PIPE® Accessories:

– Stop Collar:                          Used to set the depth that the SIGHT-PIPE® can be inserted into the piece part. Useful when inspecting a characteristic at a specific depth.

– Light Input Adapter:             Fits on the head of the SIGHT-PIPE® and properly positions a light source to direct light down the SIGHT-PIPE® illuminating the area being viewed.

– 1310 Portable Illuminator:    Portable battery operated light source. (2 AA batteries)


Orbital Welding Regular Series

For Tube Weld Inspection. Other sizes are available on the Regular Series product page. Depending on condition, charge to repair or re-polish optical surfaces of worn SIGHT-PIPES® begins at $70.00. All Prices are shown in USD. ** See below for portable Illumination **

** All Light Input Adaptors Require Part Number 1310 Portable Illuminator $59.40 each.


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