Machine Vision and Inspection Gages

Customized SIGHT-PIPES® for use in machine vision applications.

Dave Jones Machinists LLC provides custom designed SIGHT-PIPES® that are ready to be connected to a machine vision camera by connecting directly to the bottom of the lens being used.

Features/ Options:

   – We typically provide an LED Ring Light, however we can also design around a LED Ring Light specified by the customer.

   – Avaliable in Regular Series SIGHT-PIPES® and 360 Series SIGHT-PIPES®.

   – Although used primarly for ID inspection SIGHT-PIPES® have been designed for OD inspection as well.

   – We work with the customer on the design of each SIGHT-PIPES®.


Machine Vision and Inspection Gages


Computer Based Vision Inspection
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We make custom gages

Send us a sample part you need to inspect and we'll send a detailed quote today!

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<h1 class=” “>We make custom gages </h1>
<span class=”et_pb_fullwidth_header_subhead ” >Send us a sample part you need to inspect and we’ll send a detailed quote today!</span>


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