360 Degree SIGHT-PIPE®

Are Ideal For Viewing The Complete 360 Orbital Weld At One Time Without Rotating The SITE-PIPE® Or Tube.

Orbital 360 Series SIGHT-PIPE®

SIGHT-PIPE® Orbital 360 Series are ideal for visually inspecting internal welds, typically found in those industries utilizing orbital tube welding equipment. When inserted into a tube, tube/fitting or welded assembly, SIGHT-PIPES® project a magnified, 360° complete annular band of the weld to the top of the enlarged head of the SIGHT-PIPE®. The 360 Orbital Series is an ideal way to quickly scan the complete circumference of the internal weld area for defects. This Series of SIGHT-PIPES® are available to fit tubes from 1/2″ x 0.049 wall to 1.5″ x 0.065 wall, with various lengths available for each tube size. These SIGHT-PIPE® have a protective pilot at the end to protect the critical viewing area from damage.

SIGHT-PIPE® Accessories:

– Stop Collar:                          Used to set the depth that the SIGHT-PIPE® can be inserted into the piece part. Useful when inspecting a characteristic at a specific depth.

– Light Input Adapter:             Fits on the head of the SIGHT-PIPE® and properly positions a light source to direct light down the SIGHT-PIPE® illuminating the area being viewed.

– 1310 Portable Illuminator:    Portable battery operated light source. (2 AA batteries)

Orbital Welding 360 Series | Effective January 1, 2024

Select the right SIGHT-PIPE® by choosing the TUBE SIZE that you are inspecting. Then selecting the shortest length for the depth you need to inspect. Depending on condition, charge to repair or re-polish optical surfaces of worn SIGHT-PIPES® begins at $85. All Prices are shown in USD. ** See below for portable Illumination **

** All Light Input Adaptors Require Part Number 1310 Portable Illuminator $75 each.

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