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The inside diameter (bore size) of the part I would like to inspect is .501/.500”. Will your Regular Series .500” SIGHT-PIPE® fit this size bore?

Yes, the diameters listed are nominal.  The actual shank sizes are typically slightly smaller than the listed diameters to allow for clearance between the SIGHT-PIPE® and the piece part.  SIGHT-PIPE® product charts show both the nominal and actual diameters.

Can I use a .250” diameter SIGHT-PIPE® to view inside a .500” diameter tube?

For the highest quality image, we recommend using the largest diameter SIGHT-PIPE® with the shortest possible length for the application.

The diameter / length SIGHT-PIPE® I need is not shown. Do you make special diameters / lengths?

Yes, we can make custom SIGHT-PIPES® to accommodate specific applications.  We have certain criteria we must adhere to, but please contact us with your particular part details to discuss it further.

What is the smallest / largest / longest SIGHT-PIPE® you can make?

We have designed and manufactured many various combinations of diameter and length SIGHT-PIPES® since 1969.  The best way to learn about solutions for your inspection applications is to email the part specifications to us along with a description of the characteristic(s) you would like to inspect.  We can then make recommendations, whether it is a standard product, or custom gage / system for your application.

What do I use to clean my SIGHT-PIPE®?

We recommend cleaning with warm water and a liquid detergent such as “JOY”.   The surfaces may then be rinsed with warm water and wiped dry with lens paper, soft tissue (such as Kleenex) or cotton.   NEVER USE SOLVENTS to clean a SIGHT-PIPE®.

Can scratches on SIGHT-PIPES® be repaired?

Yes, most likely.  SIGHT-PIPES® can be returned for repair, and we will evaluate what repair is needed.  Minor scratches, on the critical viewing surfaces of the SIGHT-PIPE®, can typically be re-polished to restore the best view.  Major scratches and other repairs can be quoted after evaluation.

Will SIGHT-PIPES® used in Orbital Weld inspection scratch the ID of the tube?

No, they should not. Unlike other types of borescopes, SIGHT-PIPES® for Orbital Weld inspection have been specifically designed and manufactured to avoid scratching the tube being inspected.

What is the difference between a SP-120 and SP-920 SIGHT-PIPE®?

The SP-120 does not have magnification and the SP-920 has approximately 3x magnification.  The SIGHT-PIPE® product charts show the magnification provided.

Do SIGHT-PIPES® work with Machine Vision Systems?

Yes, custom SIGHT-PIPES® have worked with various Machine Vision Systems.  360 View SIGHT-PIPES® have been most commonly used due to their ability to save the System Integrator and customer designer tooling and fixturing costs by not having to index a borescope or similar device radially.  Please contact us to discuss your specific application.

How do I store the SIGHT-PIPE®?

SIGHT-PIPES® that come with a storage tube or case should be stored in the tube/case when not in use to keep the critical viewing areas safe and clean.

Can you email literature on the products you offer?

We would be happy to email you more information about our products and services, or discuss your application with you.
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I don’t see quite what I need on your website.

Much of what we do is custom design and manufacture optical inspection instruments and systems for a customer’s particular inspection application.  We solve inspection/quality control problems for companies ranging in size from very small to very large, each with its own criteria for tolerances, budgets, etc.  Since 1969 we have been solving these types of problems.  There are many more gages we have designed and manufactured than can be describe on our website.  What we attempt to provide ideas of general solutions that may be altered and adapted to your specific application.  Please let us know if we can help.