Inspecting Engine Blocks? This is The Tool You’ll Need.

  • This Gage is for engine blocks and measures the angle of the hatch pattern created when bores are honed.
  • Gage includes CH001 housing, camera, optics, adjustable lighting, and certified master to square camera and confirms measurement accuracy.
  • Each Gage is supplied with HatchView computer software.  The software performs real-time angle measurement and allows for images to be saved and retrieved.
  • Gage works with Locating Ring which is custom designed for the bore diameter to be inspected.
  • If another bore diameter is to be inspected another diameter Locating Ring can be purchased.
  • Gage Housing allows for angles at depths from 25 mm to 100 mm to be measured.

Specializing in Engine Block Inspections

 Cross Hatch Measurement Gage

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